MULE is an autonomous space and network of free communication. With this application you can add messages that will appear in augmented reality within the scope of actions of MULE networks. There are several in the public space. Find them through the map and interact with your messages to other users.

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  • Download and install MULE app in your device from the play store (android), or the app store (iOS).
  • Start the MULE app.
  • You can use the MULE app in two different situations: in demo mode everywhere you are, or in sharing mode, only available in the physical spaces where a MULE network device is installed. In the first case, just push the start button and start playing with MULE; in the second case when you are on a MULE spot, search the start button on the wall near the MULE device, align your phone/tablet with it, and just press start!
  • Your are inside the MULE space! You can navigate the space and search for other users messages, or/and you can add new content (drawings or texts) and position it on the physical space. If you are in demo mode, all the contents you'll create will disappear on closing the app. If you are on sharing mode, all the content uploaded will be visible for all the other users.
  • Either in demo mode as in sharing mode, you can take a picture of the augmented reality visible through MULE app, and share it on social networks. As a specific example about the demo mode, out of many more, you can go to a specific spot at your city, draw a graffiti with MULE, make it appear over a wall, then take a screenshot of the virtual graffiti overlapped to the real wall, and share it on the internet.
  • Due to the AR tracking nature of this app, MULE doesn't work in darkness or in poor light conditions.
  • On some android devices, generally starting from android OS 8.0 and due to internal security mechanisms, for reconnecting to a MULE network and communicate with the device you'll need to forget the MULE wifi (from setting panel -> wifi) and reconnect again.


MULE app works in conjunction with MULE devices, custom designed raspberry PI based servers and access points, designed to be autonomous and anonymous (reasonably at least).
MULE devices runs a custom configured raspbian OS, based on the official raspbian LITE, and the instruction to build one are publicly available on github: MULE device system install guide.

More info about building your own device here: MULE project file package

MULE is on open project for users to use and enjoy, so you're welcome to build your own MULE devices, and create your own specific MULE point in the public space, for everyone to use and leave anonymous messages in an AR style, visible through the MULE app.
MULE devices do not record any kind of user identifiable information, it only save in the device hard drive an image with the content added by the users.
MULE app do not save on the phone the specific content users create.
MULE contents will be available only when your device (phone, tablet, etc.) will be connected to one MULE network. No one is forced to enter those spaces. Nobody is obliged to participate in this networks. Neither the creators of this application, nor the producers of the project, will be responsible for the messages poured into the MULE spaces. This means that the space is moderated by its users, who are consequently responsible for the content they offer.